About QuickTweet

QuickTweet is the only app on the market that lets you tweet straight from your notification center. No more waiting for the twitter app to load up! Just pull down your notification bar and TAP to tweet! QuickTweet pops up over any app you're currently using! So you never have to exit to send a quick tweet.

Here at SocialQuick Media we are dedicated to providing one thing... a quick and effective way to get connected, fast!

Using QuickTweet you can:

  • Post a new tweet in under 10 seconds
  • Tag your friends in your tweet
  • Upload a quick photo to your twitter
  • Tweet from ANY app on your Android
  • Skin it to make it look how you want

Get the app!

Try our LITE version first, so you can start tweeting away!

QuickTweet LITE on the Google Play Store

Or buy our PRO version for more features, including skinning!

QuickTweet PRO on the Google Play Store

If you would like to develop your own awesome skins for QuickTweet, check out our Skinning page and download the source code today!

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